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Re: Introductions

I guess I ought to introduce myself on here.
I'm another relatively new RN fan from the UK. I was always kind of aware of him, but it wasn't until I saw a re-run of 'This Happy Breed' that I decided to investigate his other films.
I've now seen nearly all of his work and I don't think I've ever been disappointed-except for Blackbeard maybe.
I particularly like his work in the early 40s such as 'Hatter's Castle' and 'Major Barbara'. 'Jamaica Inn' is also one of my favourites.
I am always amazed by how he can make himself look so hideous when he was really a very handsome man-as he is in 'They Flew Alone' and as Bill Walker (swoon). I even find him attractive in a disheveled way as Bill Sikes.
He still looked cute later in life (despite his beer gut) in 'The Beachcomber'.
I think he must have been a great guy to have as a friend or boyfriend, but not so great as a husband! So many people he worked with said lovely things about him, (the director of 'Obsession' described him as 'the nicest, most sensitive and considerate of men' and Deborah Kerr described him as 'a very dear person') but acting was clearly a bit of an obsession. I have an old issue of 'Picture-goer' magazine with a rare interview which is quite revealing. In it he talks about his love of the countryside and how he had plans to get into farming when he retired from acting. We also learn that he was known amongst his friends as an excellent cook and loved to have people round for dinner. He jokes that he doesn't go to the cinema in the afternoon as it prevents him from enjoying 'a good dinner'. He also liked reading poetry. He also talks about his concern that stories about himself were 'exaggerated' and how he thought he had the right to a private life. Clearly he seems to have had a gentle side that wasn't as interesting to the press!

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